Sea snakes and starfish: Underwater in Siquijor

While in Siquijor, we really wanted to take a boat trip to Apo Island as we’d been told that the diving there was exceptional. Unfortunately, the tour prices were pretty exceptional too. Very few boats go from Siquijor to Apo as it’s so small, and the only resort offering the trip was practicing extortion! Instead, … More Sea snakes and starfish: Underwater in Siquijor

Getting sick in Siquijor

Think travelling the world is all glitz and glamour? Think again. When you’re throwing up or glued to your bathroom toilet while your partner has a bad case of the flu, believe me when I say you won’t feel glamorous at all. But wait, I’ve skipped a few days. We arrived in Dumaguete after a long-ish … More Getting sick in Siquijor