Meat sweats in Kobe

It was super easy to get to Osaka from Kyoto and we found ourselves at our next Airbnb in no time at all. This place wasn’t exactly one I’d write home about but it did the job as a crash pad while we explored. We took a crazy trip to the Japanese hypermarket down the road to get some … More Meat sweats in Kobe

Understanding Hiroshima

We arrived late into Hiroshima station so we headed straight to our Airbnb. Before we left London to travel the world, I worked for Lexus UK. One of the things I came across a lot was the word “omotenashi”, used to refer to the Japanese spirit of hospitality and literally meaning “to entertain guests wholeheartedly”. … More Understanding Hiroshima

Japan tools, tips & tricks

On landing in Tokyo and realising we didn’t have a mobile wifi until we got to our Airbnb, we quickly discovered how difficult it was to do anything without translation. Not only is the language different in Japan, but also the alphabet, making it next to impossible to even hazard an educated guess at where we wanted to … More Japan tools, tips & tricks