For as long as I can remember, I have always loved to travel. Different languages, cultures and cuisines have fascinated me and I feel such an acute sense of freedom whenever I go somewhere new. More than anything, I’ve wanted to to take some time out to explore the world at my own pace.

Giving up everything to travel, however, hasn’t always been a viable option for me. Just over a year ago, I had a mental breakdown caused by the long-untreated symptoms of depression and anxiety. I spent months reflecting on and rebuilding my life – a process which is still ongoing. One of the things I learned during this time was that I wished I had done more of those things I’d always seen as unattainable for someone like me – like traveling the world.

Luckily for me, my soulmate shared those same dreams of travel and adventure. Together, we left our friends, families, careers and London lifestyles behind and plunged into the unknown.

I had doubts and fears, of course, but also hopes, dreams, and butterflies. This is my journey.