Starting 2017 with a Bang(kok)

Originally, Bangkok hadn’t factored in our plans for New Year’s Eve at all. Spending Christmas with a group of friends had, however, changed our minds. It had been so much fun that we couldn’t bear to go our separate ways just yet! So we didn’t.

Another quick VietJet flight and we were in a taxi from Bangkok Despansar airport to our hostel, Baan 89. We don’t usually get taxis to or from airports, preferring to use whichever local bus or train is available, but we met another English couple who were heading the same way and this brought the taxi price down so that it was cheaper than the shuttle bus. Bargain. Baan 89 was a lovely little hostel about ten minutes’ walk from the infamous Khao San Road. Everything was new, shiny and clean which is always welcome. We checked in to find that the private double room we’d booked wasn’t available, so we found ourselves in a private room with a bunk bed each instead… It felt more than a little like we were in a dorm but it was quite funny too.

My introduction to Khao San Road, Bangkok

We were only in Bangkok for two days – New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day – before we left for Kanchanaburi. I’m going to be honest here and admit that I don’t remember a lot of the places we visited! We spent the vast majority of our time on or around Khao San Road, of course, but I couldn’t tell you which bars or restaurants we visited. One thing I can tell you is that we ate more Pad Thai in two days than any one person should eat in a month! The tiny street stalls on Khao San Road make the most incredible, authentic Pad Thai for just 35-45 baht depending on where you go.

The friends we couldn’t bear to part with on Khao San Road, Bangkok

I would have loved to see more of Bangkok, but we had pre-booked a trip to Elephant Haven in Kanchanaburi so we had to leave sooner than we liked. Maybe our next trip here will be a little more cultural!